Stop Hair Fall Due to Breakage from Brushing and How You Can Solve It

External factors and daily stressors such as brushing, heat, and over-styling cause the fiber to weaken. Hair breaks off in the middle, creating thinner, weaker hair overall. With breakage, the hair is still growing from the bulb, but daily exposure to external aggressors can further weaken hair.

Hold onto your hair

What you are searching for is a beauty remedy – something with powerful natural ingredients, beautiful lather, and fragrances; everything you’ve come to expect from your previous hair products but didn’t quite get. Luckily, here at BelaBeauty, we bring you the best products for your hair’s health.

That’s why your days of seeing hair on your brush are finally over with the Unnique Repair Hair Mask, a powerful hair mask that addresses hair fall due to breakage from brushing by nourishing the hair with it’s strengthening & fortifying benefits.

You want to solve hair fall due to breakage from brushing with a luxurious, nutrient-packed, natural hair mask that aids to repair the weakened hair. Unnique has listened to your concerns and responded with a modern solution to a modern problem that shouldn’t be a problem anymore, once you try

Unnique Repair Mask

Work, play, repair, rinse, repeat!
The perfect partner for your fast-paced lifestyle and essential hair maintenance.

97% Less Hair Fall Due to
Breakage from Brushing*.
More Strength.
Less Breakage.

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